22 November

Brief update to advise that Ken and I are working feverishly to get a kazillion images onto my ‘List So Far’ spreadsheet, where after we will launch my equally numerous eBird reports. Please be patient, its a matter of time.

I’ve had several smallish to biggish adventures since my last report, including a spectacularly scenic flight from Anchorage to Larsen Bay on the 17th to look for the wayward egret that had been seen for several days leading up until that day. Robyn and I met up with Alaskan birding stalwarts Rich McIntosh and James Levison, we enjoyed magnificent sunny and calm (but still cold) conditions. Lots of interesting birds to look at, but the egret did a ‘no show’.

Rich had spent the previous day having much more success with the bird, managing to take a fair few diagnostically useful images. Both he and James, and the several people from they had received advice as of Friday, suggest likely ID of Great Egret, not the hoped-for Intermediate. With permission, I sent the images to the Aussie experts (we have both species) who were more direct: It’s not an Intermediate. So when the bird was seen again on the 18th, I resisted the temptation for a return visit, despite the incredible beauty of the place, for ‘other fish to fry’.  Here are a few images from the unforgettable trip. Upon our return to Anchorage Robyn returned home until next time.

Magnificent flight across Kodiak to Larsen Bay 

Larsen Bay

Small Marsh where (Great) Egret had spent previous days in plain sight...

Barrow's Goldeneyes in flight