6 October

6 October - another quick update

Another super-short update that the never-ending southerlies have driven me from the Pribiloffs again. One good outcome of the 40mph+ winds was some fantastic sea-watching conditions during my last two days on St Paul, with a range of species, including a couple that are only rarely seen in the area – Laysan Albatross (we had a Short-tailed a couple of weeks ago) and Leach’s Storm-Petrel. More importantly from my perspective, I saw a total of at least six Mottled Petrels over the two-day period! Hoping to get back when conditions for incoming Asian migrants improves.

Upon getting to Anchorage I had the choice of turning left to get to Barrow in hope of seeing a Ross’s Gull, or hooking right in anticipation of some storm-driven rarities with incoming Hurricane Matthew. I turned right, with a detour in Arizona in mind. Admittedly, in part as a result of the upheaval of my dedicated online fan-club regarding Lesser Sand Plovers, I took a chance that the bird at Round Cedar Lake near Flagstaff would hang in for a couple of days. It did!

Like everyone else, I’m hoping that the Florida weather dramas will cause as little damage as possible. But I’m ready to shoot across in the event of any wayward Bahama rarities…

Squint and concentrate - there's a Mottled Petrel in there somewhere.

What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? The totally lost Lesser Sand Plover at Navaho Nation, Arizona