January 19 update

I’m running out of ‘stored up’ rarities around the country.

The good news is that I got the two target birds at Florida Canyon – Black-capped Gnatcatcher yesterday, and initially considered that I'd seen a Rufous-capped Warber (but later decided to not put it on list as doubts crept into my sleep). Its going on noon here at Tucscon airport, and I’m on the next flight to Yuma. The plan is to find the Ruddy Ground-dove that was reported from a caravan park about 40 minutes west of town. There’s a renewed report of a Slaty-backed Gull out of Seattle, so I’ll go there tomorrow night.

I’m on 19 raraties (for 19 days – far better than I’d hoped for in my planning last year). I must say that this is not 'my' kind of birding. This is airport and rental car chasing. I live in hope that the flow of rarities will soon end, and I can start real birding, and maybe even connecting with my homeland in some sort way.

I’ll attach a few images of recent megas that I’ve written about. In order from top to bottom are Redwing from BC, Black-tailed Gull from Illinois, three birds from sth Texas from a couple of days back (Barred Owl [not a rarity], Golden-crowned Warbler, Flame-coloured Tanager [female], and at bottom is Black-capped Gnatcatcher from yesterday.