February 8 Update – things are looking up for the good guys

I got to sleep after 2AM last night and treated myself to a sleep in – 6 hours later. It was seen yesterday on and off, right up to 5PM, so feeling like a dead cert. Big mistake! I got to the stakeout for the White-throated Thrush after 9, to learn that it was there and active up til 8AM, at which time a member of the paparazzi, walked past barrier tapes put up by the Estero Llanos Grande State Park rangers, and, as the story went, the Thrush split in alarm. I waited intently until noon, then one, then two. No show. Crowd interest had waned and I was alone for most of the day. Then I heard a woman just 30 metres behind me “There it is!”. I turned to see Mary Gustavson, Sth Texas birding legend, who seems to be a mega-magnet wherever she wanders – twice before I’ve seen the magic. I didn’t even know she was around. Spooky. And yeah, ‘there it was’. There it WAS! Wow I’ll never stop loving that moment. So I took in the experience for maybe 10 minutes while it foraged on berries in the tree – not down low as previously, before it took off. I got some intel about a Common Parauque (a nightjar) roosting nearby, so I booked an ongoing flight to Dallas for 6PM (I’m at McAllen Airport now), so as to chase the Little Gull tomorrow morning, and did an hour of very enjoyable birding, adding maybe 12 species to my list. I’ve attached an image of the Thrush (Code 4) below, and a couple of other things I saw (Long-billed Thrasher, Local turtles and Sora). Whoo-hoo!